What’s the right way to wash baby clothes?

As much as a mother adores the baby, his clothes too are! In order to keep them in the best condition and keep a baby safe and healthy, it is essential to wash the clothes appropriately. There is indeed a right way to wash the baby clothes, and with a few simple steps, you can achieve it. Let us discuss a few right steps to wash the baby clothes.


Wash everything before it is worn:

Babies should not be worn clothes containing chemicals and other germs carried along in the shipping process. The skin of the baby is a lot more sensitive as compared to yours. It is thus necessary to keep the cloth as clean as possible to ensure it is 100% germ-free.

Use a detergent ideally made for baby clothes:

There are two kinds of detergents available in the market. One is detergent for adults, and the other is detergent for babies. These detergents do not have dyes, perfumes, colors, harsh chemicals, and other harmful components. Once you get a detergent that suits you, make sure you stick to it. It can be challenging to switch between the brands constantly.

Take care of the stains and spills:

Do not wait for a whole long day to clean the spills and stains. Instead, take care of them immediately and address the spills and stains. In order to keep the clothes clean, long-lasting, and safe, try to rinse the spills and stains and tackle them.

In order to clean them, use cold water. If water fails to do the trick on its own, have eco-friendly stain remover. It will help to take care of the spills and stains without any hassle.

Adhere to the instructions:

Although it might sound to be cliché, however, the care instructions must be followed and for a reason. The manufacturer knows best about how to clean a specific piece of clothing. If you follow the recommendations well, you are on the right track.

Although many parents tend to use hot water to clean baby clothes, however, the truth is something different. Coldwater is the best way to be gentle with the clothing. Hot water, in fact, fails to disinfect the fabric. Turn the washing machine set to ‘sanitize’ to ensure a safe clothing material for your little one.

Measure the temperature of water:

While washing the clothes, it is crucial to check the temperature of the water. If you wash the clothes in the heat, it can alter the integrity of the clothes. As a result, it can lead to tears and rips. In addition to this, extreme heat might even burn your hands.

Soak the clothes before washing:

Clothes can often be a breeding ground for bacteria. To make it 100% safe, it is essential to soak the clothes in hot water. Prior to washing, keep it soaked for 30 minutes and wash and soak it in warm water once it is washed.

Dry baby clothes:

It is crucial that you ensure that the clothes are well dried. Dry them in sunlight; however, do not put damp clothes as it can lead to fungal infections.

Preserve it for the future:

Once your little baby has sized out a specific item for clothing, it is high time to put it aside for your children. If you are storing it for later use, you can pass it on from one generation to other as a memory. This can only take place when you take good care of the piece of clothing and wash it the right way.


Tips to machine wash the clothes:

It is recommended that you hand wash the clothes; however, you can still machine wash the baby clothes. Here are a few tips for washing the clothes:

  1. Wash the clothes before you wash yours:

Washing clothes can be a breeding ground for bacteria. In order to get rid of the bacteria from the clothes, it is recommended to ensure that the clothes are washed well.

  1. Pre-soak with soap:

It is a great way to ensure that the clothes run a full cycle by taking a bucket of water. Keep the temperature at 35 degrees Celsius, and add a half cup of the detergent and soak it for some time before adding to the machine.

  1. Use the option to rinse:

In order to ensure that the soap is well removed from the fabric and bacteria is well washed off, it is run the rinse cycle two times a day. Once wash it using soap in the machine and avoid using with soap or detergent the other time to rinse it well. It is recommended to ask the doctor to wash the baby’s clothes in the washing machine for added guidelines.


Steps to disinfect baby’s clothes:

It is essential not to wash and disinfect the baby clothes simply. Here are a few ways to disinfect the clothes well.

As the first step, it is recommended to disinfect the clothes in order to identify and get rid of the stains. It is essential considering that the stains are from regular food such as breast or meat milk which attracts most bacteria. Ensure that you scrub them using a baby detergent found in pharmacies.

Pre-soak the clothes using wine vinegar:

It is one of the best disinfectants and is a natural one. Remember to add white vinegar using a bucket of water, followed by soaking clothes for another 30 minutes.

Bodily fluid is filled with bacteria and can be a strong breeding ground that can be harmful. Scrub thoroughly to make it safe for babies.


With these precautions in mind, washing baby clothes is a lot easier. These tips make it easier to wash the clothes and keep your little one safe and secured. The safety of a little one is precious, and you must not lose any opportunity to secure one’s safety. Keep them babies safe and protected by washing the clothes in the right manner.

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