What Makes a Good Pineapple?

Don’t you fancy biting on the cold, juicy, and delicious pleasure hid silently under the thorny skin on an exciting day of summer? Yes, you get it right! But, of course, we are talking about the tasty, aromatic, sweet, tangy, ripe, and addictive fruit- pineapple.

People from all countries eat this tropical fruit for its super tropic flavors, crispness, juiciness, and, most importantly, its countless benefits on the human body and health. So who wants to exclude the fruit that is not only tasty but also contains several healthful vitamins, minerals, and fibers?

But what people often exclude is to check on the qualities that make a pineapple a top rated fruit in the market. So if you want to know about the facts and qualities of pineapple, you should check before buying. Keep reading this article until the end to know more about the qualities that segregates pineapple from other fruits.


Look at the variations of pineapple

Do you know there are more than 36 kinds of pineapple found in the world? Among them are Smooth Cayenne, Queen, Red Spanish, and Abacaxi, where the last three pineapples are barely sold or eaten. However, people love the first one as it’s thought to be the smoothest among all. Additionally, it is very tender, juicy, and full of flavors and aroma. The low-fiber surface and presence of minimal acidities make Smooth Cayenne public-favorite.

Kona Sugarloaf, Singapore Red, Pernambuco, Panare are other varieties grown all around the world. All of these contain slightly different flavors and are equally elegant. These are eaten raw, frozen, even with fruit salads, sweet and savory dishes, salsa, etc.


Five simple tricks to find out if the pineapple is good or not

The aroma:

Pineapple is such a fruit that most people love it for its unique scent and taste. Therefore, while purchasing a pineapple, everyone should smell it to get assured about the quality of this fruit adequately.

All the pineapples that comprise a beautiful aroma are indeed ripe and perfect to relish. So always smell the rear of the pineapple. If you are not getting any fruity scent from it, that predicts the pineapple needs to be more ripened and not appropriate to consume yet. And if there’s a pungent scent coming out from the pineapple, be confirmed that it is entirely overripe.


Freshness and color:

There’s a distinctive method you have to pursue to get confirmed about the pineapple’s quality to check the freshness and color properly. Pineapples with green and vibrant fronds indicate the freshness of the fruit. So whenever you go to the market to buy a pineapple, never forget to examine this particular facet in a pineapple.

On the other hand, you have to be careful about the color of the pineapple. Make sure that the pineapple that you are about to purchase has a surface of green and yellow colors. That always implies that the pineapple is excessively juicy and ripe from the inside. The more yellow the color is, the more succulent and ripen the pineapple is.

Sometimes, numerous greenish pineapples might be ripe; therefore, it’s better to examine in different ways so that you can get ensured whether the pineapple is worthy and delicious to eat or not.


Tug the leaves:

A simple way to find out a ripe and flavorful pineapple is to pull the big leaves from the head of a pineapple. If you notice that those leaves are getting separated effortlessly, then get assured that the pineapple that you are holding is ripe and juicy from inside. Additionally, if those fronds are tough to pullout, it proves that the pineapple is not ready to eat and enjoy yet.



Another latest strategy for getting assured about the pineapple is to give pressure at the pineapple. If the pineapple coating is perceived as a bit smooth and soft while squeezing, it is unquestionably ripe and flavorful. Furthermore, if you realize that the pineapple is feeling solid and tight, that surely declares the lesser ripeness of the pineapple.


Weight matters:

Examining the weight of pineapple is one of the inevitable strategies to be persuaded whether the pineapple is prepared to eat or not. Therefore, while buying a pineapple, always assess the weight of the pineapple by holding it in your hand.

Once you feel that it feels heavy according to the size that means the extreme ripeness of the pineapple. In this way, you can get ensured that the pineapple is extra juicy and confectionery as well. On the other hand, an underweight pineapple depicts lesser juiciness and pulpiness.


Ways of preserving pineapples

After picking the perfect pineapple, storing it properly is essential so that its ripeness and flavors remain intact. Let’s have a look at the possible ways you can preserve a pineapple.

  1. You can store an uncut pineapple at room temperature for few weeks. In this way, the freshness and sweetness will not differ for sure.
  2. If you’ve already chopped the pineapple into pieces and you feel like it is not ready to have yet, and then put it into the refrigerator. Once after cutting the pineapple, it is not going to ripe again though, it remains fresh for one to two weeks in the refrigerator for sure.
  3. If the skin of pineapple is peeled, it stays juicy in the refrigerator for almost seven days.
  4. You can store sliced pineapple for five to seven months in the freezer if you want. But, for the best result, try to rest it for sometimes at room temperature before eating.


That’s it! We hope you’ve gone through the points discussed above that make a pineapple good from all perspectives. Along with providing hundreds of health benefits; pineapple is full of taste and juices that make it a crowd-pleaser.

Hence, choosing the perfect pineapple requires utmost importance and proficiency. So, the next time when you’re going to buy a pineapple, don’t forget to follow these steps so that you can get your hand into a sweet, ripe, and perfect pineapple.

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